This HAMSTERS/HADB website has now CLOSED (as of the end of 2014).


However, a new, enhanced website database containing all the F8 variant data from HAMSTeRS/HADB has been created at www.factorviii-db.org. We invite all HAMSTeRS/HADB users to visit the new site and make use of the additional features there. As before, access to all data is free and unrestricted. Comments are, of course, welcome. Future updates to F8 variant data will be made on the new site during 2015. You can inspect recent update progress here.


If you require access to the original HAMSTeRS/HADB website pages, please contact Dr Kemball-Cook using the email link below.


The new F8 variant website was created at University College London, supported by Pfizer UK and as part of a Coagulation Variant Project of the European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD), with a central web portal at www.eahad-db.org. This portal provides entry points not only to the “enhanced HADB”, but also to an enhanced F9 variant database and the Sheffield VWF variant database, with other factors (starting with F7 and F11) to follow during 2015.


Geoffrey Kemball-Cook

8 January 2015